Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II, California, 2/17-2/18/2018

During the passage of time between 38 and 45 years old, I have been drawn back to my spirituality. Though Successful and passionate about my career, I still found myself compelled to start laying the foundation of a vocation, something that really speaks to the heart of who I am.  The balance of raising children with love, being a wife, caring for animals, having a career, taking care of myself physically, creatively and emotionally, and volunteering for an organization and school was a daily challenge.  Like so many, I had this going on, but just kept running on the hampster wheel.... until I was faced with two traumatic life events over a year ago.  It was time to stop the routine and make some changes. Over the course of this past year the changes led me to Amana.

I participated in Amana's Holy Fire Reiki II & II certification course, which was a two day hands on workshop that felt more like a retreat.  It is evident that she has been living her teachings for her entire life, though only officially a Reiki Master since 1993.  She is so peaceful, patient, and informative.  The two other students and I hung on her every word.  She teaches the history, the concepts, the practical, and the technical necessities of Holy Fire Reiki I & II.  She put us at ease on our new journey.

Both days start with a meditation and we would do several small meditations throughout the day.  Starting the second part of both days, Amana took us on a powerful spiritually guided energy meditation.  We all discussed our experiences of what we felt and saw.  On the first day, our discussion ended and we went on to the next topic.  But, I suddenly remembered something I experienced and wanted to share when she came around to touch me during the guided meditation.  Everyone else chimed in about her coming to touch them too and what they felt.

We were all stunned when Amana replied that she was meditating in her spot the entire time - just as we all were.  The energy was that powerful.  So powerful that in our meditative state we all felt that she was physically with each of us simultaneously devoting time with the energy.  Similar experiences happened during the attunements. We all physically felt the energy on our bodies, yet she was not actually touching us. Explaining the experience of the spiritually guided consciousness and attunements is nearly impossible and an experience I recommend everyone try on their own with Amana.

I really enjoyed the light-hearted  "experiments" that we performed during the workshop. This added a fun creative, collaborative element to learning something new.  After Amana taught us Reiki symbols, we would secretly test the symbols during one minute sessions (sometimes not using a symbol) on each other.  I do not think any of the students were skeptics, but if there was any doubt that Reiki works, then these tests erased that doubt.

The class was structured and organized, but Amana allowed the flow to go where we needed.  Each one of us held a Reiki session on a "client" from beginning to end with Amana nearby if we needed her help.  She has been guiding and accessible since the course was completed, which I truly appreciate.  From beginning to end, I received the knowledge that I need to perform Reiki and to practice in daily life.  A sense of lightness, hope, and a new direction has been instilled in me.

How blessed Amana's daughters are to have been raised with her light.  I strive to be a source of light in the lives of my children and others, just like Amana, and i am eager to learn anything else she offers.  I recommend with my whole heart anything with which Amana is associated.

A.C.T., Walnut Creek, Ca.

 Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II, California, 2/17-2/18/2018

My experience with Reiki master Amana Oh during the Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II workshop and attunement was wonderful. I really enjoyed the intimacy of the workshop. Amana has a powerful yet gentle nature which helped me feel comfortable and at ease right from the beginning. She is swift at transferring knowledge directly to the student, often without even using language. I am so grateful to have such a caring soul introduce me to Reiki.

Thank you Amana!

Jennifer Lynn Jones, San Leandro, CA












ホーリーファイアレイキI & II:愛知県在住、40代女性 













ホーリーファイアレイキI & II in Osaka:Nipa Karani 

1) What was the reason for you to take this class offered by Amana?

I read on internet and she is giving class in English.

2) Were there unique, positive points of this class, compared to other similar class that you took in the past?

Unique & positive points are she is very patient and answers all the questions. He way to start Reiki is very unique.

3) Would you like to tell us your experience that made you happy and/or appreciative during or after attending this class?

I am very very happy that I did my Level I & II with sensei. I learned a lot from this class.

4) To what kind of people would you like to recommend this class?

Whoever wants to learn Reiki.

*[レイキ講座参加後]  ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター:S. K. 様















*ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター (2017年1月)、記載日:01/23/2017、お名前:田代友子 様






*ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター (2017年1月)、記載日:01/20/2017、お名前:真澄 様




そして、このクラスで一番感動した体験は、深い部分で愛されている... の感覚です。とても深くて広がる、まるで永遠に続くかのような根源の領域にいる感覚を体感した事です。




*ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター(2017年1月)、記載日:01/19/2017、お名前:梶本容子 様

今回ご縁があり、Holy Fire III(アドバンス)Masterを受講する事ができました。


今回レイキとはどういうものなのか、しっかりと把握する事ができました。自分の世界観は、自分で変えていくしかないと思っていましたので、このHoly Fire Reikiは役立つReikiかなと思ったりしています。良いツールに出あえたと思います。


自分の中でHoly Fireが点火されてハートがいつもあたたかい感じはあります。今後どのように自分の内側が変化していくのか、どのような世界観が紡ぎ出されていくか、すごく楽しみです。


*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (2016年4月)、記載日:11/11/2016、お名前:Yuka 様

ペットのネコの目が白眼を見せ始め、息がゼイゼイしておりましたので、レイキをしました。その数時間後、何も食べなかったのに少し食べて 半分白眼だったのが今は閉じ気味ですが白眼ではなくなりました。少しだけ元気がでたようです。長時間レイキをされるのはつらいのか…体制を変えようとしてしまいます。手をかざす度にピリピリと感じています。話が出来ないのでどうなの?とは聞けませんが、 私の顔を見て何かを訴えるような、そんな目をしています。



*ホーリーファイアレイキ I & II (10/13~10/14/2016)、記載日:10/21/2016、お名前:M. O.様

I had the pleasure of attending Amana's 2-day Holy Fire Reiki I&II class recently and I am extremely grateful that I had this opportunity. I have had exposure to and have received energy healing as well as Reiki in the past, but this was the first time I was learning how to conduct sessions on other people myself. Amana provided a very warm, friendly and safe environment for us to learn and practice the teachings - I found it especially helpful that we had the opportunity to practice on each other what she had just taught us, on both days, which really solidified the information she gave us in regards to hand positions and sequence.

Immediately after receiving the Reiki sessions from the others during our practice, I felt very light, as if all the excess baggage I was carrying around had been lifted away, and I felt blissful. And this, I have begun to notice, is true even when I am the one giving the Reiki sessions. Ever since finishing the class, I have been practicing what I learned on my boyfriend, and one thing I've noticed is how serene and blissful I feel afterwards. I've also been practicing on myself and, though I have no physical ailments, doing it on myself has been very effective for letting go of negative thoughts, quieting my mind, changing my mood, and achieving a sort of calm, meditative state.

I highly, highly recommend Amana and this class. This Reiki is much more powerful than I had anticipated, and with continued practice on myself and others I have no doubt the positive changes will keep evolving.

私は最近アマナさんのレイキI & IIクラスに参加する機会を持てたことを、非常に有り難く思っています。過去、エネルギーヒーリングやレイキを受けたことはありましたが、他の人々にセッションを与えるやり方を学んだのは今回が初めてでした。





*ホーリーファイアレイキ I & II (9/10~9/11/2016)、記載日:9/23/2016、お名前:Zorana. S.様 

zoranaI recently had the privilege to spend a weekend learning from Amana (Reiki 1 and Reiki 2) and couldn’t be happier about it. Amana is warm, very knowledgeable and giving. She created a comfortable space in which we felt safe to explore, share, practice and learn.  This was a life changing experience and learning from Amana made it even more special. I felt supported and encouraged the whole time and appreciated the stories she shared, her energy and light. A wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in healing energy.  Zorana S. in California (September, 2016)

私は最近アマナから(レイキI & II)を学ぶ週末を過ごしたのですが、そのことを最高に幸せだと思っています。アマナは、暖かく、知識豊かで、与える人です。彼女は私達が安心して、探索し、共有し、練習し、学べるように、心地よい状態を創ってくれました。これは人生を変えるような経験で、アマナから学んだことはそれをより一層特別なものにしてくれました。私は常にサポートされ、励まされたと感じました。彼女がシェアしてくれた話、彼女のエネルギーと光を感謝しています。ヒーリングエネルギーに関心のあるどんな人にでもお勧めしたい素晴らしい経験でした。

*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (9/10~9/11/2016)、記載日:9/19/2016、お名前:Haruko. K.様

harukoI purely enjoyed Ms. Amana Oh's Holy Fire Reiki I & II Certification Classes offered in California.  I've learned so much about Reiki (e.g. the differences between Japanese/ Western Reiki, history, creators' visions, evolution of Reiki, attunement, byosen scan, gassho meditation, and symbols)!!   

She was very knowledgeable of the subject, and was very good at explaining those difficult metaphysical concepts in simple terms.  She created a friendly, open atmosphere, which made us all feel comfortable to ask questions and to share our experiences/ sensations.  We spent many hours practicing Reiki on each other to be more comfortable with it.  We did small experimentations using Reiki as well as several guided meditations.  After the Reiki I&II attunement, I definitely felt the shift in energy flow. 

I've experienced so much during those 2 days, it's very hard to condense it.  I highly recommend her Reiki I & II Classes to everyone.  I would love to take her Master Class when she is back in California next time.   - Haruko K. in California (September, 2016)

私は、カリフォルニアで開催されたアマナさんのホーリーファイアレイキI & II認定クラスを純粋に楽しみました。私は、レイキについてほんとに沢山のことを学びました!(例えば、伝統レイキと西洋レイキの違い、歴史、創始者のビジョン、レイキの進化、アチューンメント、病腺スキャン、合掌瞑想、そしてシンボルなど)

彼女は非常に知識が豊富で、難しい形而上学的なコンセプトを解りやすい言葉で説明するのが非常に上手でした。彼女は、友好的で、オープンな雰囲気を創ってくれて、私達全員が質問をしたり、経験や実感をシェアするのを心地よくできるようにしてくれました。私達は、レイキセッションが心地よくなるように、たくさんの時間、互いにレイキの練習を行いました。また、レイキを使った実験やいくつかの誘導瞑想を行いました。レイキI & IIのアチューメントの後、私はエネルギーの流れのシフトをはっきりと感じました。

私はこの2日間でほんとにたくさんのことを経験したので、それを凝縮させて伝えるのは難しいです。彼女のレイキI & IIクラスを、全ての人に高くお勧めします。彼女が次回カリフォルニアに戻る時には彼女のART/Master暮らすを受けたいと思っています。

*ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター (8/21, 8/23, 8/24/2016)、記載日:8/30/2016、お名前:北川沙季様








*ホーリーファイアレイキIII/マスター  (8/21, 8/23, 8/24/2016)、記載日:8/26/2016、お名前:原洋一様







*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (6/11~6/12/2016)、記載日:6/12/2016、お名前:田代友子様



*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (6/11~6/12/2016)、記載日:6/12/2016、お名前:Y. K. 様


この2日間 本当にありがとうございました。

前からHoly Fire Reiki I & IIには興味があり、受けたいなと思っていました。この度、タイミングがあい受けさせていただくことになり、本当に楽しくてあっという間の2日間でした。

*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (6/11~6/12/2016)、記載日:6/12/2016、お名前:直伝霊気師範格 Y. H. 様




*ホーリーファイアレイキI & II (7/29~7/30/2015)、記載日:8/4/2015、お名前:Y. Y. 様
1) アマナのHoly Fire Reiki I & IIクラスを受ける前と後に、どのような変化がありましたか?具体的な例を挙げてください。



2) (他ではなかなか得がたい)、アマナの講座の凄いところ(素晴らしいところ)はどんなところですか?



3) アマナによるHoly Fire Reikiクラスは、1から10のスケールで言うと、どれほど価値があると思いますか?


他にももっといろいろなことがReikiでできると習いました。そんなこんなをいろいろと試していきたいと思います。ありがとうございました。 Y・Y 」


「こんにちは。こちらからメールしなければならないところ遅くなって申し訳ありません。Holy Fire Reikiの講座、ありがとうございました。











今日でUsui/Holy Fire レイキI & II  講座の1日目から一週間になるんですね。あの2日間が濃かったせいかこの一週間はとても早かったです。いろいろ楽しんでいます。ありがとうございました。」(8/5/2015)

*ホーリーファイアレイキ I & II (7/29~7/30/2015)、記載日:8/5/2015、お名前:H. Y. 様



3)遠隔エナジーワークの際のパワーの凄さをアマナ様に尋ねると、「何もしてないよ。Holy Fire レイキのパワーを送っているだけ」というお話しから、受けたいと思ったこのクラスです。やっぱり受けて良かったです。これからが楽しみです。とても楽しい素晴らしい2日間でした。感謝です。評価:10、H. Y.」

*ホーリーファイアレイキ I & II (7/29~7/30/2015)、記載日:8/6/2015、お名前:Masumin(M. T.) 様

150806_MT1「3~4月頃、アマナさんのHPで、このホーリーファイアレイキを知り、直観的に「コレだ!」と確信し、カリフォルニアでの体験談を読んで、「私も受けたい!!」と魂レベルで思っていました。今回の初のHoly Fire Reiki I & II、Japan開校と、そして、受講できたことを 本当に嬉しく思っています。

私は数年前から Reikiにとても興味があって、本を数冊読み、自分の手からエネルギー(宇宙から受け取り流す)を出して、送っている・・・そんなイメージを持ち、仕事や(セラピスト)生活で自己流に使っていました。「手があたたかい。すごく楽になりました」と言ってくださるお客様もあり、嬉しい限りでした・・・が、とてもその後につかれます。どんどん疲れが留まり、疲労感がピークになっていました。


150806_MT2施術後にお客様のお体が楽になり、私自身も疲れが出なくなりました。今までは、一方的にエネルギーを送り、自分が消耗していたのが、ネガティブナエネルギーの影響を受けたり、邪気を受けることが全く無くなり、逆に、この純粋でパワフルなエネルギー、Holy Fire Reikiを使えば使うほど、パワフルになっているのでは・・・?と思うくらいです。

先日、娘のクラブ、奈良県吹奏楽コンクールがありました。遠隔で、楽屋とステージ、部員全員と指揮者の先生と娘、審査員の方々、審査員席にエネルギーを送っていました。本番全日、本番直前、そして、本番全てがパーフェクトな演奏が保てたそうです。(実際、演奏は素晴らしく、涙が出ました。) 結果、見事に金賞受賞し、関西大会へのキップも手にしました。




Reikiを使わない日は無いかもしれないくらい、活用できる機会はあります。とにかく、"心地よい"  感覚が、身体に流れます。

ホーリーファイアレイキが 日本に広がりますように・・・

アマナさん、本当にありがとうございました♡ Masumin」

Usui/Holy Fire Master on 1/23-1/25/2015

Kimberly Hawkins, Journalist/Yoga instructor, Emeryville, CA

Kim2"I took the Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master class through Amana who creates a loving, supportive environment for her students. She holds a sacred space for us to be ignited and fully experience Holy Fire energy.

Holy Fire has changed my life. It amplifies my Reiki, my palms get hotter and I can feel more deeply into the energies of the person I am working on. It is an incredibly powerful, but gentle energy and when I get tap into it, I feel grounded, peaceful and also energized. I know it is always with me. It is truly a direct connection to Source.

It is helping me to deal with difficult situations, but seems to help neutralize the intense emotions usually associated with them. Something comes up and I ask Holy Fire to be with me to deal with it and then surrender. I find that I am more calm about the situation, not as charged about it or entangled in wanting a specific outcome, knowing that Holy Fire works for my higher good."

Usui/Holy Fire Master on 1/23-1/25/2015

Jennifer Flamenco, Teacher, San Leandro, CA

Jenna2"It is with pleasure and joy that I write this review of the Usui/Holy Fire ART/ Master and Holy Fire reiki class that I took from Amana Oh.

I had previously taken Reiki 1 and 2 and had a wonderful, transformative experience.

A year later, I took the Usui/Holy Fire ART/ Master and Holy Fire class, and I am daily amazed at how much deeper this energy has transformed me. The Master symbol and holy fire are much stronger, deeper energies yet they are gentle and loving with their strength too.

Everpresent within me, holy fire is like a mystical nurturing within me. Its gentle strength has propelled me further in my journey of spiritual evolution. With relationships and situations "coming together" I am gently reminded that the universe has a greater divine plan for me, and as I continue to work with light and positive energies, I only find and will continue to find transformative peace. And with this healing of my soul, shine brighter and bring healing energy to the earth connecting back to the universe.

Holy fire has surfaced many issues I needed to confront and supported me in the challenges of transforming fear, insecurity, worry, and at times anger. It has helped me begin to navigate changes I knew I needed to make. And working with it, I am humbled and grateful for this strong yet gentle mystical nurturing. With its help, I have come back into my true self  and expanded outward. Beyond a balance of mind and soul, my senses seem to be heightened to different teaching energies of the universe in general.

The holy fire energy is different in its depth of power and love. Also, the class itself has many hands-on tools that allow for extensive energy work. In the class, I found a great soul friend (along with Amana). After, I daily meditate, do personal and distance reiki, and work with a reiki grid. As a result of this class, I have certainly evolved and am I inspired and supported to continue evolving as a soul.

In deep gratitude to the light and Amana as a teacher/facilitator of a connection with it," 

Reiki I&II on 3/22-3/23/2014、Claudette, Nurse, Oakland

"I just had the most amazing 2 day experience at Body Technique in Alameda. They offered a 2 day Reiki I and II class taught by Reiki Master Amana Oh.
I had no idea what to expect from the class but I was open to the experience. Amana Oh is the kindness, most gentle soul I have ever met.
She was able to help me reach a deep meditative state that I have never experienced.
The class included hands on Reiki and by the end of day 2 I felt myself wanting to learn more.
I am definately looking forward to future Reiki classes taught by Amana Oh."

Reiki I & II on 8/17-8/17/2013、Kimberly Hawkins, Journalist/Yoga instructor, Emeryville, CA

Kim2"I took Reiki I and II from Amana and it changed my life. The practices I learned in her classes are easy and practical and can be used daily for protection, clearing and sending positive energy.
Amana is amazing. When you are with her, you are in the presence of light and love. She is a patient teacher, wise and understanding. And even after your attunements, she makes herself available, to help you as you continue to grow in your practice.
I don’t have a business, but use Reiki for my own purpose. I have a stressful job and am able to get grounded more easily now. It has also allowed me to let go of anger, sadness and feelings of unworthiness. I use it to send to love to family and friends, especially those I cannot see much of anymore. It allows for real connection.
I feel very blessed every day that I received my attunement from such an inspiring teacher, someone who is devoted to the practice of healing. Amana’s guidance is invaluable."

Reiki I&II on 3/22-3/23/2014、Jennifer Flamenco, Teacher, San Leandro, CA

Jenna2"If you are seeking healing, positivity, and tools for self-care and wellbeing for yourself or anyone in your life, I highly encourage you to take a reiki class from Amana Oh. It is a marvelous opportunity!

I signed up for Amana's Reiki 1 & 2 class mostly out of curiosity.
To my surprise, the class felt more like a weekend "retreat" in which I was enlightened and rejuvenated more than I had ever anticipated.

Amana's gifted warmth facilitates a comfortable, tranquil space in which our class could thoroughly explore the medium of reiki. Her exceptional amiability allows even shy people like myself to feel at ease with a group. Moreover, it connects the group to collaboratively explore energy and light.

Not only does Amana emanate the warmth and light that she cultivates amongst the group, but she is extremely knowledgeable and wise. Therefore, she is able to facilitate a genuine flow to the class/ experience by centering around the students' curiosity and guiding them to experience light and the love that accompanies it. In doing so, she can truly inspire wonder at one's ability to connect with ourselves, each other, and the greater universe.

Discovering this awareness greatly enriched my life and enhanced my day-to-day living. Since taking the class, I have been practicing meditation and different kinds of Reiki frequently.  The class gave me tools for selfcare that seem more powerful than others I have tried in the past (like therapy, massage, exercise, etc.). Reiki seems to have attuned me to the universe. This has been very comforting.
It also has inspired me to take better care of myself and in doing so, I feel as if my relationships are more positive as well.
It was an honor working with Amana. I am so grateful for this transformative experience."




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